Level 51-52: The Reveal & Get Away! - Rayman Origins

Since both of these levels have no collectibles and are intimately bound to each other, I included them in one video.

In this video, I cover the "The Reveal" and "Get Away!" levels of "Moody Clouds". There are no collectibles in either, so don't worry about looking for them.

The boss battles in this level may seem like a boss rush, but they're actually not. The mechanized versions of Daisy and the Mocking Bird only take two hits instead of the normal three and you won't have to restart at the first boss fight if you die during the second one.

Once you work your way back up to The Magician, that's when I consider the game's (already barely there) story to have completely fallen apart. He just starts dancing out of nowhere... and the protagonists join in? How does that make any sense whatsoever? I mean, the song and dance is catchy, but it doesn't change its non sequitur nature. Well, at least the subsequent level is pretty fun...

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