Level 41: You're on Fire! - Rayman Origins

In this video, I show you how to obtain all the Electoons and the Lum Medal for the "You're on Fire!" level of "The Luscious Lakes".

The first part of this level can be rough, but it becomes noticeably easier once you're in the icy area (1:49).

0:32 - I don't know why I was unsuccessful, but some precision can help you take out both Dragon Chefs nearby with a single launch attack. You have enough time to take out one or both with regular spit attacks attacks though, so don't worry if you miss the opportunity.

2:32 - 3:02 gives us a preview of the King / boss for this world.

If you're wondering what's going on at the very end of this video, that's me figuring out (for the very first time) that you can sprint on the world map. Origins is an interesting game, eh?

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