Level 28: Outta My Way - Rayman Origins

In this video, I show you how to obtain all the Electoons (except the time trial reward) and the Lum Medal for the "Outta My Way" level of "The Ticklish Temples".

Alright, the first level of the first subworld. Now that we've got the long tutorials out of the way (yeah, that's right, the main worlds were just tutorials), we're allowed to experience combinations of mechanics and aesthetics. After keeping the various components segregated for such a long time, it's kind of weird to finally see them interacting, don't you think?

Oh, also, there's something noteworthy about the difficulty. While the four main worlds had their hard parts, there wasn't anything too outrageous and generally things were only as hard as you'd choose to make them with the bare minimum being fairly easy. But now things are different and just getting to the end (let alone collecting all the Coins and Cages) can be a challenge. This first level isn't too bad, but just wait until you hit some of the later levels.

Something rather odd is the power-up at 3:11. The game generally explains (or even overexplained) new things up until now, but that new thing is sneaked in there without any explanation or hints. If you're like me, it probably took you a while to understand what it even was or did. Unfortunately, unlike Hearts, these power-ups aren't retained when you die.

If I recall correctly, there's an alternative way to get the Skull Coin at 3:28. If you do a sprinting jump and a helicopter glide from the high ledge nearby, you might be able to nab the Coin if you miss getting it via bubblized Lividstones.

Most of the enemies up to this point have been mere cannon fodder, but the Hunters with homing missiles can be real bastards. The one at 4:25 is a prime example, as he's in just the right position to screw you over in various ways.

You might have missed it while racing to get all the Lums in that area, but you can see the upper level boundary at 5:43. Just an interesting oversight.

Don't fret about missing some Lums or even some Coins in this level, as this video shows there's a bare minimum of 75 extra Lums, and almost certainly more as I missed a few during this recording.


In this video, I show you how to obtain the Time Trial Trophy for the "Outta My Way" level of "The Ticklish Temples".

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