Level 23: Fire When Wetty - Rayman Origins

In this video, I show you how to obtain all the Electoons and the Lum Medal for the "Fire When Wetty" level of "The Sea of Serendipity".

Another Moskito level, though this is one that I'm quite fond of. Like the rest of "The Sea of Serendipity", it looks great, but I also like the little challenges posed by the spiked crabs and the purple... beetle... things.

I missed getting the Lum bonus for quite a few groups of enemies, but since this level also contains a high number of extra Lums, that wasn't a big deal.

It's possible to get the Lums to pop out from the plant at 3:22 without getting injured, but it's difficult and since you free 20 extra Lums (and ultimately only suffer a 5 Lum sacrifice), it's worth going for it even if you'd lose a Heart.

I have a really strong suspicion that something is hidden on the blue stone plateau that you can see to the left at the 3:54 mark, but I don't know how to gain access to it.

Also, we're now off to "Mystical Pique", which is similar to "The Blue Mountains" from Rayman 1.

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