Level 11: Skyward Sonata - Rayman Origins

In this video, I show you how to obtain all the Electoons (except the time trial reward) and the Lum Medal for the "Skyward Sonata" level of "The Desert of Didgeridoos".

I think I must have accidentally hit something on my controller around 0:09. I actually didn't realize it was possible to control Rayman during those little loading sequences, but now you and I know that you can.

I'm not actually sure what the flying things you ride around on are. I think they're flute snakes, but it's difficult to tell. In any case, it's pretty cool that they make noise when you move on them. (If you didn't notice by now, the same is true of the piano ground in earlier videos.)

You probably wouldn't know it by just watching these videos, but this level is by far the most difficult in all of "The Desert of Didgeridoos". When I originally played through Origins, this was the first level that served as a wake-up call and made me really put in effort to secure all the reward it had to offer.

4:36 - That was an astoundingly close call.


In this video, I show you how to obtain the Time Trial Trophy for the "Skyward Sonata" level of "The Desert of Didgeridoos".

Though I like the level itself, I'm not too fond of the time trial since the flying flute snake things (or whatever they are) strongly dictate how fast you can get through the level. As you see in the video, you can get way ahead of the snakes at times, but unlike the Living Cages and Tricky Treasure Chests, they never speed up based off of your actions. Unfortunate. However, I was fortunate in that I was able to get the Trophy for this level in only a single attempt during this