Level 06: Over the Rainbow - Rayman Origins

In this video, I show you how to obtain all the Electoons and the Lum Medal for the "Over the Rainbow" level of "The Jibberish Jungle".

Every so often you'll be invited to complete a "bonus" level (filled with Lums, Lum Kings, and Electoons) like the one shown here. They're meant to be relaxing and rewarding jaunts, but their huge emphasis on proper timing can still make them somewhat difficult despite their intention as a breather. This first one isn't too bad, but just wait and see...

Though I normally spend a little time displaying character text, I zip by Murphy's due to the nature of the strict timing in these bonus levels. Murphy doesn't say anything particularly useful though, and you can just pause the video (0:16 is a good spot) if you really want to read it.

Also (as seen during the Lum counting segment), this is a pretty good level for getting the Hyperspeed! trophy if you're into that sort of thing.

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