Level 04: Go With The Flow - Rayman Origins

In this video, I show you how to obtain all the Electoons (excluding the time trial reward) and the Lum Medal for the "Go With The Flow" level of "The Jibberish Jungle".

0:31 - Don't you just love coincidences like that?

Since its presence isn't telegraphed that well, don't forget the hidden Electoon alcove at 2:02. (Believe it or not, I completely forgot this alcove location when I was first recording this level for this guide. I only "rediscovered" it by complete accident when I screwed up the walljump area above.)

If you wondering what the deal with the jumpcut at 4:06 is, it's there because (for whatever reason) I had difficulty getting up to the cage via the geyser. I decided to edit out my failed attempts since they were just a waste of time, so that's why you see an atypical edit splice there.


In this video, I show you how to obtain the Time Trial Trophy for the "Go With The Flow" level of "The Jibberish Jungle".

0:23 - Though it's not shown in this recording, it is possible to get past that area without popping the Lividstone there if you perform some careful maneuvers. It doesn't matter much though, because success versus failure there only saves half a second or so.

You may be wondering: Should I sprint through or slide on those slippery slopes? Honestly, I can't give you a definitive answer, but I can give you a suggestion. If you're actively sprinting in the direction of flow (e.g. 0:20), then sliding does seem a little faster than sprinting. Otherwise (if you have to reorient your direction or if the slope is short), sliding doesn't seem to be worth it.

1:07 - 1:09 - Definitely wasted a good three seconds there. That's a totally avoidable mistake, but since I secured a time good enough for the Trophy, I didn't worry too much about it.


Here's a short video showcasing a Skull Coin I forgot to collect in the "Go With The Flow" level of "The Jibberish Jungle". Due to the nature of this game's save system, fixing mistakes like this is not as simple as simply rerecording a playthough of the respective level. I offer this as a substitute.

Special thanks to YouTube user Rayrobi97 for catching this mistake!

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