Level 03: Punching Plateaus - Rayman Origins

In this video, I show you how to obtain all the Electoons (excluding the time trial reward) and the Lum Medal for the "Punching Plateaus" level of "The Jibberish Jungle".

There's a fair possibility that you won't get the Medal your first time through this level. There's a few extra Lums that you can collect over the requirement, but it's definitely less forgiving than some other levels, so use your Hearts and Lum Kings wisely!

In case you didn't realize already, numerous enemies in Rayman Origins are reimagined versions of enemies from the first game (often with near identical animations and attacks despite different graphics). You probably recognize the green-skinned foresters (though they're now known as Lividstones rather than Livingstones), but did you also notice the redone Hunters and Antitoons? I think that stuff is a pretty cool (and very nostalgic!) throwback to the first game, and I love that it was included!

Be careful with the Skull Coin at 3:27. Many spawned items disappear after a certain amount of time, but this Coin in particular disappears very quickly, so you must be fast to get it.

If you don't go out of way to get Lum bonuses from Hearts and defeated enemies, then getting the 10-Lum bubble at 4:51 with score doubling is more or less absolutely vital to meeting the Medal requirements for this level. It's not immediately obvious that it matters (or, at least, it wasn't to me), so I thought I'd point that out. Technically, I could have met the requirements without the doubling bonus, but it's still worth mentioning for those who are struggling.


In this video, I show you how to obtain the Time Trial Trophy for the "Punching Plateaus" level of "The Jibberish Jungle".

Okay, so maybe this video isn't quite perfect, but I'm still pretty damn proud of the result I got. Occasionally, I only manage to just eek out a time sufficient for receiving a Trophy, but here I managed to beat the requirement by a comfortable number of seconds due to some clever techniques in conjunction with a fantastic short-cut at 0:35 (that I discovered entirely by accident).

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