All Collectibles Walkthrough - Rayman Origins

Welcome to my Rayman Origins Walkthrough!

This walkthrough covers all of the single-player content in the game. This includes collecting all of the Electoons, Lum Medals, Time Trial Trophies, and Skull Teeth.

If you're concerned with Trophies, this guide will (indirectly or otherwise) show you how to get the following Trophies:

= Story Mode Trophies =
- Betilla's Back!
- Beautiful Beats!
- Feed the Fairy!
- Merm-Aid!
- Nymphs Rock!
- Nothing Lasts Forever...

= Collectible Trophies =
- Scout
- Explorer
- Dr. Lividstone, I presume?
- Speedy!
- Turbo!
- Nitro!
- Electoon Friend
- Electoon Hero
- Electoon Legend
- Milk Tooth
- Full Mouth
- The Jaw!

= Miscellaneous Trophies =
- No Panic!
- B Side!
- Hyperspeed!
- Boing! Boing! Boing!
- Blue Baron!
- Back At You!

You are also likely to get the Pop! Pop! BOOM!, The Bubblizer!, I'm Back!, Painless!, Vacuum Snack!, Hover Happy!, Crusher!, Crush Combo!, Sprinter!, Fisher King!, and Survivor! Trophies while playing through the game and following this guide, but I do NOT go out of my way to specifically show you how to get these Trophies.

If you want, you can view the YouTube playlist with this link.

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