Rescue Princess #3: Aurora - Rayman Legends

In this video, I cover getting all the Teensies and Cups for the "600 Feet Under" level of "Rescue Aurora" contained within "Toad Story".

0:45 - You don't have a lot of time to get this Teensy cage, so don't worry if you miss a few lums in the process of acquiring it.

1:12 - As you can see, I actually finished short of the gold cup requirement this time. Fortunately, nabbing Teensies gives you an extra 25 lums per, so the last one is what pushed me just over the edge.

2:00 - Aurora has a pretty clear Braveheart reference going on with her facepaint. Also, unlike Barbara and Elysia she actually has all her teeth! Also also, her axe is a sword instead. A bit more effort than usual palette swaps, so that's nice.

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