Level 45: Grannies World Tour, 8-Bit Edition - Rayman Legends

In this video, I cover getting all the Teensies and Cups for the "Grannies World Tour, 8-Bit Edition" final musical level of "Living Dead Party" and the final level of the entire game.

If the distortion if previous levels didn't bug you, it surely should here since it's been cranked up to the extreme, using all previous methods intermittently and even introducing a new one here! I marathoned all the 8-Bit Edition levels though, so I was prepared for what evil the developers had in store for me. I nabbed the 700th Teensy, and it only cost me a splitting headache at the end of it all. Yay...

2:05 - Know what's a neat thing? I got 321 lums on the 123rd part of the game. Since I had one level per video, that means there's basically 123 levels, and the very last level ends with a maximum of 321 lums (in single player anyway). I wonder if they planned that out or if it's just an amusing coincidence?

2:46 - So I might cover some Daily and Weekly Challenges as long as it interests me / as long as it takes to get the final 1,000,000 lum character unlocked, but if you don't care about that then you're basically done. 700 collected Teensies and all the lum cups is basically 100% completion, so if you've accomplished that then rejoice!

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