Level 42: Mariachi Madness, 8-Bit Edition - Rayman Legends

In this video, I cover getting all the Teensies and Cups for the "Mariachi Madness, 8-Bit Edition" musical level of "Living Dead Party".

This level is not quite as bad as the previous two because its screwiness is less annoying and a tad more manageable. (Also, I feel like Eye of the Tiger translated surprisingly well to chiptune-esque noises.) Still some artificial difficulty bullshit here, but I do have favorable things to say too. If these 8-Bit levels stuck with the slight pixelization as seen in the beginning of this level in order to channel nostalgia alongside the altered tracks, I would've been just fine with that. But unfortunately that's not what happened, and in this level the nifty slight pixelization eventually gives way to small clusters of pixels very vaguely representing everything.

0:50 - Watch out, as the distortion right around here might make you run straight into the spiky snake.

1:23 - Can you even tell that there are flies here? You basically have to memorize the level such that you remember to repeatedly attack here, as it's way unclear otherwise.

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