Level 40: The Mamma of All Nightmares - Rayman Legends

In this video, I cover getting all the Teensies and Cups for the "The Mamma of All Nightmares" boss level of the "Mystical Pique" contained within "Back to Origins".

This level is unique in that it's the only Back to Origins level that's not a direct retread of any Origins level (the level title also doesn't partially or entirely match any old Origins level either). Instead, it is something slightly different, namely it's just the boss battle at the end of the Land of the Livid Dead level of Origins, rather than the entire level itself. It's also unique as the only level that breaks the trend of previous Back to Origins stuff since all other levels of this type come directly from one of the two worlds related to their overall theme, but this level is not technically from the Mystical Pique or Moody Clouds as the precedent would suggest. This level is ALSO unique in the fact that it's the last Back to Origins level to be completed, which means no more of this stuff to deal with and we can finally move on to the Living Dead Party!

0:18 - There's an interesting glitch around here. If you jump just at the right time (I think it's right when the boss has her initial twitch), you should be rocketed high into the air. It's not particularly useful for anything, and you'll likely miss the cage nearby while way too high for it.

1:05 - You know, the nymphs seemed pretty weirdly absent in this game, but this confirms that that was seemingly a conscious decision. It seems a lot of other Origins levels with nymphs in them simply did not receive a remake, but this level had one but deliberately hid it. It'd be weird if they did that because some people complained about the nymphs being a bit sexualized in appearance considering that a number of playable female characters in Legends are similarly partially sexualized.

2:10 - Oh hey, the iconic creature finally rears its head!

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