Level 38: Mecha No Mistake! - Rayman Legends

In this video, I cover getting all the Teensies and Cups for the "Mecha No Mistake!" level of the "Mystical Pique" contained within "Back to Origins".

This level feels easier than On Top of Old Smokey even though I recall it being quite hard in Origins (in fact, IIRC I felt it was the hardest non-Moskito level in that game). Perhaps they toned it down for Legends? In any case, I managed to get a decent run on my first attempt, but I thought I'd redo it to try to get an even better result. No sweat, it's easy, right? Amazingly, it took me 100 or more attempts to get the recording you see here due to all manner of little errors screwing me up even though it didn't FEEL hard.

4:05 - Funny little story about this. IIRC, in Origins nothing was hidden up here, and I recall being quite surprised since it seemed like a place where players might not necessarily look. I was pleased to find out that the Legends version of this level did hide something there (specifically, a Teensy cage).

5:35 - Now this is one of most clever cage placements in the entire game, IMO. It's only accessible when the maze is oriented just right, and it's off to side when the end of level cage is tantalizingly close. I don't think you need to perform the one wall wallclimb trick like I did here, but it couldn't hurt. Instead, I think you're meant to do a charged ranged attack to get it whilst still standing in the maze.

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