Level 37: On Top of Old Smokey - Rayman Legends

In this video, I cover getting all the Teensies and Cups for the "On Top of Old Smokey" level of the "Mystical Pique" contained within "Back to Origins".

Boy, this level was not fun to record. I kind of forgot, but I'm really not that fond of Moody Clouds from Origins. There are a few games that make industrial environments look interesting, but I feel like it's all a bit too drab in Rayman Origins/Legends, especially compared to all the other colorful levels elsewhere. This level is a particularly bad example since it's mostly a bunch of artificial pipes hanging in the clouds. The verisimilitude is way worse than something like the Sea of Serendipity where it seems like they really tried to make it seem plausible and "alive" despite it being clearly fictional.

1:31 - I've never really showed it off since it's never really necessary in the game, but by exploiting the hangtime you get from attacking in mid-air, you can effectively climb a single vertical surface without the need for walljumping between two walls. Normally, if you just walljump and try to glide back to the wall, you effectively end up right where you started. But attacking right after a walljump cuts its horizontal push short despite still moving you vertically, so repeated instances of it can pull you out of an otherwise deadly fall.

2:08 - If you want to maximize your lums, these wind parts are the most tedious, as you have to slowly knock out all the glass-encased lums and knock the non-aggressive metal fish around too.

2:37 - Be careful not to walljump off of the left wall, as that will likely send you straight into the sawblades nearby.

5:19 - I only downward slammed them that much to bide time until they got in a more favorable position for killing. Normal attacks stun but do not injure the robots, and you have to knock them into electricity or sawblades to kill them in most circumstances.

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