Level 37: A Cloud of Darkness! - Rayman Legends

In this video, I cover getting all the Teensies and Cups for the "A Cloud of Darkness!" final boss level of "Olympus Maximus". (This video might seem long, but the vast majority of it is for displaying the long Credits slapped inside the level.)

It's finally time for this Cloud of Darkness level, or as I like to call it: "Hey, did you know we have a particle system?" This level inspires a kind of irrational hatred in me, probably because it just feels so boring. After all the colorful, imaginative, and sometimes even challenging bosses and levels, THIS is the final boss? I think the main reason I find it so boring and tedious is because the boss doesn't even really chase or attack you. The first phase is the hardest but also the most decent since the boss at least sort of chases you, but the second and third phases just have him move in highly simplistic patterns with the hopes that you might collide with him. That doesn't mean that this fight is super easy, but it does mean that it's appallingly uninteresting. The level's saving grace is towards the end, but if it weren't for that then my opinion on this level and boss would be strikingly negative.

0:40 - I hate boss intros like that. If this guy's goal is to kill you, he has you completely trapped right there. Yet, he just runs off only to return seconds later to chase you.

1:40 - One of the things that's very annoying about this level is that cages like this are missable. Unlike the wind in just about every other part of the game, you can't really control your vertical ascent that much in this level. You just have to hope you get close to the cages and that you don't get thrown straight in the fires or sawblades.

4:11 - At least this part of the level is nice. You get showered with lums from cornucopias and get to see a unique background with various details (like the gigantic one-eyed harp player).

5:17 - The long credits start here, and though they have a similar gimmick like Origins' credits, the novelty wears off fast and you don't need to watch the whole thing unless you want to hear various music tracks from the game. If you want to skip past them (and I don't blame you), go to 21:00.

8:02 - 999 lums is the most you can collect, but you have plenty of time to do so and don't necessarily need to rely on spinning attacks like I did in an effort to get them efficiently. One cool thing is that, unlike Origins, you actually get to keep all the lums you collect in the credits. A nice bonus if you put the effort in.

21:00 - Hey Ubisoft, I think you forgot to include the janitors. Can we start the credits from the top? I know it takes a lot of people to make a game, but Ubisoft's recent trend of insanely long credits has me skeptical about what portion of them actually corresponds to people who contributed to the game in some way. I know that even useless producers and corporate people are often included, but this seems like a new extreme that Ubisoft is particularly guilty of indulging.

22:34 - It's pretty cool that Dark Rayman was unlocked as a character at the same time when his Invasion paintings appeared. I wonder if that was designed that way on purpose, or was just a cool coincidence?

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