Level 34: Golly G. Golem - Rayman Legends

In this video, I cover getting all the Teensies and Cups for the "Golly G. Golem" level of the "Mystical Pique" contained within "Back to Origins".

0:00 - Daily lums from the Creatures pushed me over 100,000 lums (anti-climatic, I know), but I show off the new character a bit after this level is over.

0:19 - It's technically possible to do a jump from a wallrun and get all these purple lums, but I wasn't able to do it consistently so I resorted to slower but easier gliding instead.

0:45 - That's some physics right there, jump into the rope and immediately swing backwards.

0:53 - This is actually one of the harder hidden room minigames, because if you screw up you'll likely bounce or slide off the unopened cage and die.

5:40 - Waited a little too long and missed that purple lum. In fact, I think it's the only one I missed in the entire level, though it counts for two lums of course.

6:42 - If I had to guess, it seems like 710 is the maximum lum count for single player here. I didn't bother rerecording for that as I already was pretty annoyed with this level when attempting it multiple times.

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