Level 33: The Amazing Maze - Rayman Legends

In this video, I cover getting all the Teensies and Cups for the "The Amazing Maze" level of "Olympus Maximus".

Ugh, maze levels. There pretty much isn't a faster way to become an unfavorite level of mine, possibly excluding a terrible AI escort mission. (Some of the Murfy levels are like that, but fortunately not all of them are and at least Murfy's controls are decent, it's just the inconsistent AI that bothers me at times.) This maze actually isn't even that convoluted or hard, though I certainly don't find it "amazing" since there is a lot of trial-and-error design going on here that I find very distasteful.

0:14 - The level has an annoyance right off the bat. If you try to jump to the first platform quickly, you're likely to get nailed by a fireball. It seems you have to wait for one volley to pass before you can proceed.

0:24 - It's weird that they made a room just for a unique enemy that's not even that hard to dodge.

1:41 - Hmm, again, a room for a unique enemy that's not particularly hard. At least this requires a short puzzle though.

2:00 - Brief periods of upsidedown-ness are also a weird feature of this level. The controls are not reversed despite the image being flipped, but other than some nonsensical disorientation it's not particularly challenging. It just comes across as sloppy and unnecessary to me, especially since when the rooms transition you can clearly see that the code is inelegantly flipping the display as those rooms were built with normal orientation.

3:14 - If you notice the wall in this room, it looks like it's giving you a somewhat vague map of the entire place, with the room you're in being highlighted with a dark block. However, it's not particularly useful since it's in a room late in the maze and since many of the important rooms have hidden connections. Furthermore, it doesn't give you any idea of what rooms are connected, but rather merely details of adjacency.

3:24 - I don't think it's possible to get the Skull Coin and kill both enemies here. You'll have to choose, but the coin is worth more lums so it seems like the correct choice.

3:38 - You know what? Fuck this room. From a bit of testing, it appears that it is impossible to avoid damage (or possibly even death) in this room unless you slam down the only open path as soon as you enter. That's some trial-and-error bullshit right there.

4:13 - As far as I know, 664 is the maximum lum count for this level for a single player, which is really not that far above the gold cup requirement of 600. Aim to get every lum that you can as you might end up short otherwise.


In this video, I cover getting all the Teensies and Cups for the "The Amazing Maze - Invaded" time trial level of "Olympus Maximus".

This is also a somewhat hard Invaded level, though I actually like it better than the main Amazing Maze level because I feel it flows much better.

0:20 - This part with the chain sucks because it is easy to accidentally hit a sawblade since the end of the swinging chain is not that high. Moving fast and/or a higher walljump is recommended to get past that.

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