Level 26: Swimming with the Stars - Rayman Legends

In this video, I cover getting all the Teensies and Cups for the "Swimming with the Stars" level of the "Sea of Serendipity" contained within "Back to Origins".

This is a long level, though fortunately it's not too hard so long as you are slow and cautious around the spiky amoeba-esque plants. It also happens to be a somewhat scary dark level, and I think the Legends enhancements have made it even creepier than it was in Origins.

0:56 - I recommend that you retract this plant before getting any nearby lums. You might get hit by the spikes if you don't.

3:49 - These cheerful hidden areas didn't get any less congruent in Legends. A shame that they didn't consider revising it to make it fit better.

8:02 - My overzealousness in getting some mushroom lums caused me to screw up getting five extra lums from an extra heart here, but it's not a major loss. I'm already quite a ways beyond the gold cup requirement.

8:43 - Even brief exposure to darkness is dangerous, as you can see here.

10:03 - Oh yay, another water level to take care of. How fun. :/

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