Level 18: Piping Hot! - Rayman Legends

In this video, I cover getting all the Teensies and Cups for the "Piping Hot!" level of the "Gourmand Land" contained within "Back to Origins".

0:14 - Man, just seeing this mass of ice cubes again puts me on edge considering how much rage it was responsible for when I did the time trial for this level back in Origins. It doesn't help that it's kind of tedious just to get through normally, let alone quickly.

1:42 - This hidden area is surprisingly hard. You can complete it quickly with well-timed bounces and punches, or you could just go slow to avoid dying.

4:52 - This is actually pretty well hidden, and the only reason I found it is because the gap between Teensies on your HUD tracker narrowed down the areas where I should search.

5:00 - Interesting sidenote: lava spurts can open Teensy cages for you. I was surprised to find this out by accident one time, but I suppose it's as simple as cages being programmed to open upon any damage and the lava merely being a source of that damage.

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