Level 18: I've Got a Filling - Rayman Legends

In this video, I cover getting all the Teensies and Cups for the "I've Got a Filling" level of "Fiesta de los Muertos".

Oh jeez, this level put me into a blind rage. You might not have realized it, but back in my Origins guide I occasionally spliced together sequences where I respawned and then did a section correctly. With Legends, I'm actually recording everything in one complete sequence for every level (meaning there is no respawning and splicing in this guide unless otherwise noted), and thus death (especially from stupid AI) is a frequent frustration. Of course, you don't have to limit yourself like that as there are infinite lives, but I chose to do so for whatever masochistic reason. Even besides my self-imposed challenge, this is still a rough level for many reasons.

On a happier note, this is the level where I FINALLY realized the purpose of purple highlighted bouncy pads. As you will see, they can really boost your lum count on Murfy levels, so it's worth activating them if you can spare the time. (Funny story, I only realized because I purple-ized a pad by accident on one attempt and just so happened to finally notice that it does affect the lum count. It's not instantaneous like many other Murfy actions, which if why I failed to notice it for this long.)

1:30 - Don't create a platform too high here, as the AI duck may jump into the fire above like an idiot.

1:59 - Don't activate this too early, and don't activate it too late. There is a very short window of opportunity that is best for having the AI reach this lum cage. Also, don't worry if the AI gets stuck like it did in this video. Just wait for the platform to disappear and it'll drop down and glide as intended.

2:17 - This is another place where you want to be careful with your platform placement. The AI can also jump into the fire above like a total moron here.

2:29 - I'm usually more strategic with my filling placement, but here I recommend you just go crazy to try to stop the fireballs. You can't block the AI in with filling in this particular instance, so you might as well be fast and sloppy since it works better than slow and strategic for this spot.

3:37 - It is quite hard to activate this bouncy pad at any other point, so you should endeavor to hit it just before entering or just after exiting the King Teensy's hidden area.

4:11 - In case you lose the first fireball, you still have just enough time to have the second fireball bounce over to free the Teensy cage and have your AI partner hit it.

4:37 - It might be theoretically possible to bounce a fireball into this last cage to knock it down, but I just prefer building a ramp straight to it and then dodging the remaining fireballs.

5:00 - What a fucking level, but hey, I scored a pretty nice lum count. Way above the gold cup requirement.


In this video, I cover getting all the Teensies and Cups for the "I've Got a Filling - Invaded" time trial level of "Fiesta de los Muertos".

This is one of the harder Invaded levels IMO, but forty seconds means it's not THAT bad. Try to learn the fastest ways to get through the slow windy parts, and in general you should be extending the swinging chains a fair distance to assure you'll end up where you want to.

0:19 - Depending on where the fireballs are, you might want to do a short jump rather than a long jump. Doing the wrong one will send you straight into the fireballs, likely killing you.

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