Level 17: Dashing Through the Snow - Rayman Legends

In this video, I cover getting all the Teensies and Cups for the "Dashing Through the Snow" level of the "Gourmand Land" contained within "Back to Origins".

Globox as Luigi is slightly less cool than Rayman as Mario, but whatever, just thought I'd use it for one level before switching back to something else. Also, minor interesting fact, the Origins level used "Thru" while this Legends remake uses "Through".

1:38 - I don't think I ever showed it back in my Origins guide, but a cool unique thing with Globox in that game and in this one is that he replaces the large Moskito generally used for shmup segments. Instead, the Moskito is the one to ride him!

2:38 - It is possible to get this bubble lum, but only if you trigger it from stepping on the umbrella rather than swinging on it. It's not worth a lot, so don't fret if you miss it.

3:00 - This is quite a hard Skull Coin to get. Be wary of potentially dying when going for it.

4:12 - Normally you're only supposed to get up here by riding a bubble all the way up, but as you can see here it's possible to cheese it by using a mix of repeated walljumps and dashes.

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