Level 13: Snake Eyes - Rayman Legends

In this video, I cover getting all the Teensies and Cups for the "Snake Eyes" level of the "Desert of Dijiridoos" contained within "Back to Origins". (Apologies if parts of this video seem blindingly white at times. It's a problem with uncertain origin as it doesn't look that bad during the preview while playing. It has cropped up before, but it's particularly noticeable here.)

I remember this level being fairly hard back in Origins, but in some ways I think the Legends version is even harder! At least, if we're talking about getting as many lums as possible, because various purple lum combos can be tricky to get here.

0:22 - This purple lum combo seems particularly hard to get right, so don't worry too much about it as there are enough lums for the gold cup even without them.

1:26 - I like how I was able to break the stick in both directions by two quick spinning attacks. Not very often where you can see a minor animation glitch like that.

1:41 - Quick thinking saved me there. In fact, this level has had many oddities (especially related to wallrunning) occur over my attempts, and I think many of them were even confined to just this room.

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