Level 09: Best Original Score - Rayman Legends

In this video, I cover getting all the Teensies and Cups for the "Best Original Score" level of the "Desert of Dijiridoos" contained within "Back to Origins".

Believe it or not, it took me all this time to realize that even Origins spelled it Dijiridoos rather than Didgeridoos (like what I posted for all those Origins walkthrough videos of mine).

Sorry that this level took me so long to finish, I swear it doesn't flow nearly as smoothly as the level did in Origins. So many distances feel just a bit off from my memory, and that threw me off in terms of trying to maintain flow.

0:07 - This is a hard loading screen heart to get, and I only managed to nail it a few times compared to the more successful acquisitions in other levels. Perhaps the time limit is stricter.

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