Level 04: Ropes Course - Rayman Legends

In this video, I cover getting all the Teensies and Cups for the "Ropes Course" level of "Teensies in Trouble".

Things are already getting harder! I feared Legends might be a tad too easy from my experiences with the first couple of levels, but I can clearly see I am wrong as I've not even made it to the 5 skull levels yet.

0:04 - Forgot to do this at the end of the last level like usual, so putting it in here.

1:00 - Here's where the level actually starts if you want to skip the junk in the beginning of this video.

1:17 - Don't really know what's the point of having a controllable level for like 15 seconds and then just switching to Murfy for the entire rest of the level. Couldn't it have just been Murfy the whole time? Why even bother doing what they did?

3:35 - Stuff like this just frustrates me. You're expected to guide the AI to all these lums, but you have a very limited amount of time and if you screw up then basically the whole thing is screwed up. Actually playing this with a normal character would've been infinitely easier, but AI guiding can make it unfairly hard. Funnily enough I actually inadvertently did pretty well at this the first time I played it, but I could never recreate my success afterward. As you will see, none of the lums here are really required so long as you still do good elsewhere.

6:05 - Plenty of lums to spare even if the time-limited stuff turns out a failure for you.

7:08 - Sorry, was clearing out some notification messages and an internet-based thing popped up despite me not yet dealing with internet connection for my Wii U. Perhaps some day. It's not like this has online multiplayer anyway...


In this video, I cover getting all the Teensies and Cups for the "Ropes Course - Invaded" time trial level of "Teensies in Trouble".

This is a fun level too, one of the few Invaded levels I actually liked rather than just begrudgingly completed.

0:49 - If you need a bit of a speed boost to make it in time, sliding on that watery slope should help.

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