Level 02: Creepy Castle - Rayman Legends

In this video, I cover getting all the Teensies and Cups for the "Creepy Castle" level of "Teensies in Trouble".

0:19 - Man, it's amazing how few games actually have cool loading screens. The Origins style for this was already pretty nifty, but I like how Legends added the ability for you to start the level with a heart if you're quick on the loading screen. It's a nice, subtle touch that enhances the game IMO.

1:08 - If you ever have trouble with these memorization minigames, the good thing is that the layout stays the same for each unique room. Thus, you never have to worry about constantly re-remembering stuff. Also, since you're not timed you could always draw a diagram or write a note for yourself if you really need to. (Or just pause on this video when all the platforms are out!)

1:37 - This is the only swinging axe trigger you need to press. The other ones are more for show, letting you know what they do but not actually being that dangerous. Good game design actually, though it was a tad sloppy to put so many useless ones before a useful one though.

1:43 - You might never normally use it, but ducking can be useful for situations like this. Also, ducking while running will let you slide if applicable.

3:18 - This is a tricky Skull Coin to get, but if you attack while underwater you move a bit faster. It's recommended to use that to get away from the clawed creature.

5:52 - It's a little cheesy, but using "Awesomeness" as somewhat of a measure of XP is cool I guess. Makes me think of Jack Black and Brutal Legend.

6:14 - I'm glad they learned their lesson from Origins and that costumes are now more than just an endless parade of Teensy skins.


In this video, I cover getting all the Teensies and Cups for the "Creepy Castle - Invaded" time trial level of "Teensies in Trouble".

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