Recipes and Schematics - RAGE wiki

There are 19 recipes and schematics to find throughout RAGE.


Reward for Where's Juno job

Adrenaline Overdrive

Reward for Mutant Alert job

Lock Grinder

Receive this for starting the Find the Buggy Parts Job

RC Bomb Car Schematic

Receive this schematic for starting the Destroy the Bomb Caches job.

EMP Grenades Schematic

You'll find this during the Liberate Captain Marshall job.  When you first enter the prison you'll come out of the hole, head up some stairs, and find it on a table in the room to the left.

Regenerative Infusion Recipe

Reward for completing the Abandoned Distillery job.

Authority Augmenter Schematic

On Portman's desk in Resistance Base in Subway Town.

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