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After starting the Foreman Jones job, talk to Foreman Jones to start this job.  Head out to the Wasteland and follow the mini-map to The Blue Line Station.  Head on through until you come to a huge supply of ammo and TNT.  Once you pick this up it will trigger a huge wave of mutants and you won't be able to move on until it's done.  After this there will be a new suicide bomber mutant that you must shoot before he gets to you.

Backtrack a bit and a new door will open to the left.  Pick up the goods in here and head down through the subway car.  When you get to the main wide open terminal, there will be a ton of little mutants followed by a mini boss mutant.  Continue on through the subway and when you hear beeping, you will see four spots to plant the TNT.  Follow the cords back to the detonator and blow it for the Mutie Blues achievement.  This will also trigger two mini bosses, so have your bandages ready.  They will be followed by a ton of little dudes.  Head back through the subway car by the detonator.  Return to Foreman Jones to complete the job.

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