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After finishing the Recover ID Drive job, talk to Captain Marshall to start this job.  Head out to the Wasteland and start following the mini-map to Dead City.

You'll be back tracking from the last time you were there but don't worry, it's stocked with new enemies.

When you get to the part where lasers are blocking the way, head to the room to the left and you can see the power supply and disarm it with an EMP grenade.  In the next room the Research Data is in the computer across from the door that says LOCK.  Taking it will unlock the door, blow the power supply in there to get access to the next area.

Head out the doors to the Dead City Streets.  When you get to a laser field, look down through the grate to see the power supply, toss an EMP Grenade down there.  Continue on, when you're almost to the end there will be three dudes, one who is super tough.  Once you get to the end you'll get the ytiC daeD achievement.  Head back to Captain Marshall to finish the job.  Talk to him again to start the Subway Town job.  NOTE: This will take you to a new area.


Collector Card: Drone - When you get back to the escalator in Dead City, head down, take a right and it's on a table.

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