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After finishing the Secret Delivery job, talk to Elizabeth to start this one.  Head out to the Wasteland and follow your mini-map.  There will also be another Feltrite meteor shower along the way.  There will be guards shooting at you when you arrive.  After you take care of them, hit the switch next to the door and head in.  Go forward down the ladder to the underground entrance to the Authority Prison.

After you pick up the EMP Grenade Schematic, make and EMP Grenade and throw it against the bright cylinder to turn off the laser field.  Take out the enemies and use another EMP grenade to get through the next laser field.  Take out some more enemies and you'll find there isn't a cylendar to turn off, head into the smaller room in this room and you should be able to disable it through the window.

Clear the enemies in the next room and disable the lasers.  In the next room there is an unmanned turret that you can disable with an EMP grenade.  There is also one in the next hall, but you need to run across and up to get a shot at the power supply.  After that there is another turret but you have to crouch around some crates to get to its power supply. 

When you come to the cell block, take out the guards first, then open the cells for a wave of enemies.  Head down stairs and free Marshall.  Protect Marshall as you move forward.  When you come to a laser field, go up the stairs on the right side of the courtyard to get a shot at the power supply.  Then hit the switch by the lasers blocking Marshall.

Hop on the turret while Marshall plants the bomb.  This is a great time to get the Jetpacker achievement.  After Marshall finishes, follow him inside to get the Jail Break achievement.  The door next to you will open and you'll be attacked.  Head back to the Wasteland and Wellspring.  Head to the Resistance Base, located in the back of the Second Chance bar and talk to Captain Marshall to finish the job.  Talk to Captain Marshall again to start the Recover ID Drive job.


EMP Grenades Schematic - When you first enter the prison you'll come out of the hole, head up some stairs, and find it on a table in the room to the left.

Collector Card: Giant Mutant - After you disable the fourth laser field, you'll enter a small room.  It's in a hole in the wall that you have to crouch into to the left.

Collector Card: EMP Grenade - After the giant Mutant Card, you'll be in a fight with a shield guy and then go upstairs.  It's at the top of the stairs to the right on a shelf.

Collector Card: Marshall - When you're heading downstairs in the cell block, there is another set of stairs to go down. It's in a locked room down there.

Collector Card: Shield Guard - After you part ways with Marshall a door will open, it's on a box to the right in that room.

Collector Card: Elizabeth - When you get back to Wellspring, head in the back of the Second Chance bar and go through the door.  It's halfway down the stairs.

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