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During The Missing Parts job, talk to Johan to start this one.  Head to the Wasted Garage killing enemies along the way.  Once you're in the Wasted Garage make your way through killing enemies.  When you come to an electric door, take the alternator off the engine to the left, and head through the door.  Continue on until you get to a car that you can take the distributor cap from.  This will trigger an explosion and let you get to the next area.

When you get to the guy with the turret, you must use the switch to the right on the wall before you get to him.  This will cause an explosive tank to go on the track over him.  Shoot it when it's above his head.

Take the parts to Durar and grab the radio to finish the job.  Talk to Dan to start the next job Destroy the Barricade.


Engineering Recipe - Lock Grinder You'll get this as soon as the job starts.

Collector Card: Wasted Club - After getting past the electric door, head downstairs, stay to the right and go up the stairs.  It's around the corner on the ground.

Collector Card: Wasted Turret - After you beat the turret guy, head into the next room and it's in a crate to the right.

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