Drink Along with Dan & John Session 2 - RAGE

Session 2:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

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Made it to Kotaku and Joystiq awesome guys.

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Eyyyyyyyy I think now John might be getting a hang of things, liked this so much I picked up my own copy yesterday!!! Keep it up!

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Goddamn, within not even 24 hours its already around. Why would these two come toggether to include themselves in each others projects if I may say

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I've read there are two more Breaking Bad easter eggs in Rage. I don't know if they've been found yet.

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For the next session could you turn the game volume down because it was hard to hear you guys especially during the last video with all the explosions

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I hunted down that song you guys were singing in part 4 of session 2. "Crash" by The Primitives.

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Dan and/or John: "Dude I love video break"

John and/or Dan: "Video brea...?"

-Video cuts off-

lol priceless

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a new session coming anytime soon?

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In a future Western video game, there should be some Hell on Wheels Easter Eggs. That show is awesome!

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