Drink Along with Dan & John - RAGE

Session 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

tigers4al's picture

That yellow didn't look close to the yellow on the controller.

"A jackal is just a humungous rabbit." Hahahahahaha what.

MetalInsurgent's picture

That guy sounds like john goodman because he's voiced by john goodman.

Cheeseisbestyes's picture

This game really reminds me of Borderlands... in a GOOD way!  Is there anyone that has had experience with both games that can give input on this game in comparison?

Josh Kowbel's picture

"Nuh uh dudes, you weren't drinking along to this whole thing. This game is way too hardcore for a Drink Along. You guys are big fat phonies."

On topic, it was pretty hard to watch the backtracking because you guys did not save often. I haven't died once on Normal, but the speed with which you can die requires you to be mostly sober. The front flips off the ATV were hilarious though.

Dudeitsme411's picture

oh no i was really hoping this game wouldnt be a drink along... :(

whatscripplin's picture

any idea when or if you guys are gonna do a drink along for the Portal 2 DLC?

Mad1093's picture

Fuck, this got really painful to watch. How about Dan plays the next session.

daddy midjet's picture

yes the drink alongs are back im lovin it

ZestfulClown's picture

Probably not smashed out of their minds...

Solifluktion's picture


True. Still very entertaning :)

kRN's picture

If John could only stop pretending to be drunk and go the wrong way god fucking damnit that was annoying.

jreinKs's picture

Part 6 15:50....one of the many reasons that Fallout trumps this game.

indi's picture

@kRN: true... I wish John would put more effort into it, and choose a harder difficulty at the same time.

Playing on normal as a professional player? I don't know.... plus there is fun in someone trying hard and failing ;)

Other than that I really like that Dan has played the game previously, it makes everything more fluent.

0osweethearto0's picture

I installed the game and I still had texture lag.... :( rather annoying

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B47713s74r's picture

In part one, you guys missed the Wolfenstein Easter Egg room where there's a goblet you can sell for $150 to a vendor.

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