Quantum Conundrum

Quantum Conundrum is a wacky game where you play as the nephew of the world renowned scientist  Professor Quadwrangle Creator of the Inter-dimensional shift device or IDS for short. When you arrive at the house you realize somethings wrong HE'S NOT THERE *gasp*. He's trapped in a different dimension ironic right ? Now the house is under lock-down mode and you have to go through his house and turn off lock-down at each room in each wing ( about 4-5 wings) and in each wing it introduces a new dimension the first being Fluffy. In the Fluffy dimension everything is all plush and cute :D. The second  being Slow-mo   third: heavy and fourth being reverse gravity. The release date is set for June 21,2012 YEAH!!!!!!

Characters include:

You ( protagonist )

Professor Quadwrangle ( uncle )

IKE ( stands for interdimensional kinetic entity and is Prof. assistant )

D.O.L.L.I ( robot that duplicates things for Prof. when something is missing )

This list will change once game is released 

Gameplay by Lead creator Kim Swift


My first impressions video:


Full Game Walkthrough: CLICK HERE

Xbox 360
PlayStation 3

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