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R3B3LS RANT: GEARS of WAR 3 Review | 9.0 / 10.0 | *SPOILERS*
By: R3b3L iNk - 5 years 25 weeks ago
I'm keeping the typical 'full' review short, I just want to talk about that 'moment' in Gears of War 3 and how it failed horribly and what it could've done to improve it. Hi, I go by the moniker R3b3LiNk, and this is my Rant.
RAGE: First Impressions
By: R3b3L iNk - 5 years 27 weeks ago
How does Id's loooong awaited Rage hold up after 4 hours in? Graphics as good as they say? Story? Uhhh, I have a few things to say :).
Shadows of the Damned Lets Play Begins!!
By: R3b3L iNk - 5 years 42 weeks ago
Holy Aardvarks is this game bat-sh*t crazy. I wish I could put into words what this game is, but it's better off if you watch it yourself. The game is a shooter...that...well its really a survival horr...with...uhh it has a ton of satire and probably sets the record for most penis pun jokes, there I did it.
Space Cakes | Episode 3 | NSFW
By: R3b3L iNk - 5 years 47 weeks ago
Got a special guest this week joining the Space Cakes crew, James aka @girafferacer .  I wish I could say we talked about games, but we failed miserably.  We did manage to talk girls, Mandingos, Ice Cubes, girls, Squid's DMT trip, girls, and something else I can't remember at the moment.  ENJOY!
Space Cakes | Episode X | MR DEH JESUS
By: R3b3L iNk - 5 years 49 weeks ago
Join R3b3L iNk and Squid as we discuss games and the ether that surrounds it.  This week, Portal 2, Crysis 2, GoW 3 Beta, Project Cafe, MR DEH JESUS, JONG WaNG, the Laundromat Closet Chick Magnet and MORE!!

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