Walkthrough & Sarcophagus Locations - Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Part 01

The Ramparts
The Fortress
The Palace Courtyard
The Treasure Vault
The Stables - Sarcophagus x1
The Works

Part 02

The Fortress Courtyard - Sarcophagus x2
The Fortress Gates
The Prison - Sarcophagus x1
The Sewer - Sarcophagus x2
The Baths

Part 03

The Royal Chambers - Sarcophagus x3
The Observatory
The Throne Room - Sarcophagus x1
The Terrace - Sarcophagus x1
The Rooftop Gardens - Sarcophagus x2

Part 04

The Aqueducts - Sarcophagus x1
Solomon's Tomb
Ruins of Rekem - Sarcophagus x2
Rekem's Throne Room - Sarcophagus x1
The Sacred Fountain

Part 05

The Rekem Reservoir - Sarcophagus x2
Solomon's Vault - Sarcophagus x1
The King's Tower - Sarcophagus x1
The Palace
The Final Climb

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