Drink Along with Dan and John: Single Player - Session 4 - Portal 2

Session 4

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Sleepercells's picture

Been checking daily for this! Finally!

Josh Kowbel's picture

12 parts?! I can already feel the aneurism...

Jvez22's picture

Keep this up guys.

Jvez22's picture

You should try a drink along for the mortal kombat story mode.

Solifluktion's picture

Finally :) I love Portal 2 and I love your Drink Alongs, but I kinda want to watch you play a different game .

GLaDoS 96's picture

AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!!! Hey I have a dare for you guys: Edit some videos while your still drunk.

MarkOswald's picture

Aw, I really wanted to hear John's reaction to the songs at the end and Wheatley in space.

zolt's picture

That was actually quite a cool ending.
Looking forward to the next drink along!

Sleepercells's picture

No! I think you were stuck on the edge of the support beam in video 6. That may have been an easter egg after all.

Aquapit's picture

It was hilarious to see that, as John's alcohol level increased, his intelligence steadily decreased.

Anyway, now that SP is over, it's time to finish coop! Unless you two already have it recorded and finished, in which case it'll be a matter of showing up on site.

Naftul Zvi's picture

I was hoping they'd comment at where the four turrets play the song, because they found that easter egg really early in the game. 

Squish92's picture

Part 7: Is "fervent" the word John was looking for? Fervent listeners?

JoesShittyOs's picture

Seeing how it's a puzzle game, that was pretty damn bad ass.

celeste_magix's picture

I was looking at the credits and noticed how Nolan North is the voice of the cores and turrets. You can't escape him.

Im_So_Ronery's picture

I forget which part it was where Dan asked about using those fling things to launch yourself and a turrnet to get a achievement? Yeah. It was in chapter 2 but you have to grab the broken turrent and set it down on those fling panel things xD. It'll come out first with the trash after you press the switch.

ihacks4snax's picture

I never even played this game. But i stilled found my self screaming at the screen trying to tell john the answer

0osweethearto0's picture

I like that sound john makes when he gets nervous or hits something... GEHH!!

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