Drink Along with Dan and John: Single Player - Session 2 - Portal 2

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John, how did you like your surprise?

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john reminds me of wheatley

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Another awesome drink along. Thanks guys.

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why do I get this feeling John has no clue of what's going on.

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Wow...now I want to try a 9/11

Thanks Dan and John for making me a terrible person

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John is kinda bad at thinking with portals lol.

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I was disappointed by the cloud based storage thing. Apparently the cloud based storage on the PS3 is so you can use your saves on any PS3, not any PS3 or the PC. Minor gripe but disappointing none the less. Awesome drink-a-long as always Dan and John!

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It is soooooo anoying to watch how terrible John is at Portal.

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It's clear that this game is too smart for John to handle.


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I swear these Drink Alongs are like an addiction!

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I thought four loko was made illegal?

And John, when you say 'kilter', you remind me of my 7th grade english teacher who I could have sworn was a pedophile. Not saying that you're one...

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John has got to look around more. Seriously. I mean, it's just embarassing sometimes.

But also really fucking funny.

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Half Life 2: Episode 3 will be out by the time John completes this game.

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This is the perfect thing to do while I wait for customer support to actually help me out.

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i downloaded the free demo to the first Portal game from XBL Marketplace, and I DON'T KNOW HOW TO ZOOM!!! is there a zoom feature in Portal, or am I just retarded?

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There was no zoom in the first game.

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HUGE DOOR OPENS, tiny door emerges.

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 I loved the post by FratasticVoyage, (Half Life 2: Episode 3 will be out by the time John completes this game) TRUE yet soooooo fookin funny.

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this  game maked me proud to have my user name :) 

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