Drink Along with Dan and John: Co-op - Session 4 - Portal 2

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First! haha Nice job you guys.

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Aww, and now I'm sad that the drink along is over, really enjoyed that you guys commented over the end credits, that was nice.

Hope you guys will stream some Witcher 2 or do a drink along for it, it's getting stellar review scores, both from reviewers and players.

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Part 3: @9:37

I always make good points.

                                                  - John

Congrats on surviving another Drink Along!

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I've noticed that you ussally upload around 9:00 pm. Weird fact. Love the Drink Along, keep them coming!
What game are you going to do next?

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@Pavan  Not sure.  Not L.A. Noire though, that game is all cutscene.

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Just sayin, it doesn't have to be a drink along but I was rather bummed with the lack of Mortal Kombat footage from you guys.  Could just be like a 1 hour thing of "you drink when you lose a round"

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Personal favorite: Room 4

When you guys were looking up desperately trying to find the switch to turn on the goo...when the switch was right next to the goo tube.

Had me laughing even more once you guys realized where the switch was.

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Wow, you guys are really bad at finding buttons...

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"Take a drink," thats how they should end every drink along.

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2 things that I would love to see from future drink alongs:  More co-op, and maybe some older games, like a co-op Halo CE run on legendary would be awesome.

Regardless, you guys are doing an amazing job, keep them coming.

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LOL they solved chamber 3 in like 20 seconds but Dan moved his bridge and screwed it up then they argued for a few minutes not knowing they even had it solved before.

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Portal 3, Wheatley crashes into the wheat field, dun dun dun. 

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"Mmm. Mmmhmm. MMM. Mmmhmmmmmm. AH! OK!

I got nothing"

-Dan and John, Portal 2 Drink Alongs

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I bet portal 3 is just gonna be a cooking sim where you have to bake your own cake in the wheat fields. Love the drink alongs, by the way.

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Now i have no reason to play the game. :)

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I don't care about the complaints you're getting from playing this game, I have a blast watching you guys try to figure it out. Its almost like watching (well listening) to a sitcom; you guys crack me up. :)

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Reject cake, receive pie!

The guy from Firefly is Nathan Fillon

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