Drink Along with Dan and John: Co-op - Session 3 - Portal 2

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These vids are EPIC!!!

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I'm always glad to see a steady stream of content from you guys.

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Strip-Along with Dan and John

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That first puzzle took me and my sister at least 30 minutes to figure out. And we solved it in a super complicated way, with the beam going through 2 portals next to each other. I facepalmed myself after seeing your guy's/the proper way to do it.

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Lol @ the end of video 2

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We solved funnels stage 2 in a different way. We used a funnel to lift the guy in the top 'cage' so he could peek over that glass wall and shoot a portal at the funnel source.

It probably took us about 30 minutes before we got that one.

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The one in video 2 took my forever to figure out. Imo it's by far the hardest.

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Good, good.

We're gonna make you continue doing drink alongs till your unborn children have liver damage.

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The end of video 2 was classic.

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"Mmm. Mmmhmm. MMM. Mmmhmmmmmm.  AH! OK!

I got nothing"

-Dan and John, Portal 2 Drink Alongs

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Love your Yoda impersonations.

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