Drink Along with Dan and John: Co-op - Session 2 - Portal 2

Session 2

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Part 2

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Theinside11234's picture

Hey do you guys think gordan freeman will get the portal gun in Half life 3. or better yet a portal gun / gravity gun hybrid

Aquapit's picture

Every time someone picks up the Edgeless Safety Cube, I can't help but see a goofy face on it.



Mason_M's picture

As fun as these are to watch, sometimes it's extremely hard to watch when you notice something before you guys do.

jwallace14's picture

'Oh Fuck Off Glados' in part 6 was hilarious.

Nearly pissed myself I think, hilarious again!

Josh Kowbel's picture

I prefer some cheap vino if you don't mind. ;)

dalton32389's picture

finally, have been waiting for more co-op

FratasticVoyage's picture

I'd rather have Freeman/Gravity VS. Portal gun.

Black_Hawk7154's picture

I like the surprise guest apperance in #6. Didn't do much for conversation but it was a nice change

AinEstonia's picture

Puzzle games are definitely the perfect genre for drink-alongs. I also think you guys should already be a bit drunk when starting, so things would get off more quickly.

GLaDoS 96's picture

I hate to break it to you Dan, but that second-to-last part didn`t require timing, you don`t have to cancel the bridge.

groposo's picture

dan: "just go over to my hole and just grab one."

that was funny

brodyitis's picture

I bought the PS3 version of this game and decided not to wait to see the puzzles. I don't regret it; this drink along was awesome.

Rxanadu's picture

I love it so much when Jon says "yea".  It reminds me of more innocent times in my life.  It also helps that it's extremely goofy.

EPA1's picture

wtf, why do i get random rap videos?????

VonMelee's picture

great...so now all im getting is crappy music videos instead of the game vids...

ZestfulClown's picture

The '90s rape videos kinda piss me off...

Inzom's picture

Ummmm..... the fuck is going on with these videos?

Aquapit's picture


I guess it's a good thing I watched all these videos early on.

Nothing but one rap video after another lol

JoesShittyOs's picture

What the fuck?

Am I tripping balls again?

RGAE QIUT's picture

Sort the vids out ffs, all i get is crappy music vids

Sleepercells's picture

Um. You may want to have a look at these as the appear to no longer exist.

whoohoo25's picture

should i buy a pc controller or just use the keyboard for this game on my pc?

dalton32389's picture

yay, they are back up and running.

bioshockftw123's picture

P-body (Orange) doesn't have nuts she is a girl. Atlas (Blue) has nuts.

bioshockftw123's picture

P-body (Orange) doesn't have nuts she is a girl. Atlas (Blue) has nuts.

Harry Potter's picture

These drink alongs are great!

canmatt145's picture

Dear John and Dan,

I have never had a problem with your video player, but I got on yesterday and tried to watch these videos and all I got were random rap music videos popping up when I hit the play button. There were no ads and it never went to the video of portal???? I know it probably will never happen again and has never happened before but I wondered how the fuck it happened? Maybe you know? It might have had a relation to the copious amounts of Ludacris videos that I had been watching previously lol whatever. I just wanted to know what was up?

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