Drink Along with Dan and John: Co-op - Portal 2

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thedoctor1994's picture

Awesome guys keep up the good work

And your singing is great, you should do it more often.

4rch3n3my's picture

John Goddman´s character in Monster Inc. is called Sully.

Josh Kowbel's picture

Two videos in and I'm already loving this a helluva lot more than the Crysis 2 Drink Along. John failing when there wasn't even a test made my night. I was in tears from laughing so hard. :')

Sphere = Edgeless Safety Cube = Win. Valve must have the most creative/clever minds in the industry. This game only helps me get more pumped for inevitable Half-Life 2: Episode 2 sequel!

Benjamin Weeks's picture

I like doing the Co-op but my friend is a jackass and keeps on killing me. Its like where having a war in the game.

FratasticVoyage's picture

The best Ralph Wiggum quote is: They taste like burning.

Aquapit's picture

Oh my gawd...that song you guys sang in Part 1 was sooo hilarious. Had me in tears. So. Much. Win.

Lovin this Portal 2 Drink Along!

Mr8BitsofCool's picture

This is really fantastic guys. Drink-alongs= Greatest idea ever.

phallen's picture

i already beat the co-op so i keep yelling at my screen the solution haha been fun listening guys

FratasticVoyage's picture

Really fun fact: The woman who does the voice acting for GlaDos is also the in-game announcer for Team Fortress 2.

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Fight, CU down the field,
CU must win,
Fight, fight for victory,
CU knows no defeat,
We'll roll up a mighty score,
Never give in,
Shoulder to shoulder,
We will fight, fight,
Fight fight fight!

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standardshift1's picture

forget crysis 2 continue doing this

MrArchebald's picture

Crysis 2 is a piece of shit compared to Portal 2!!!!

Love these!!! Great job guys!!!!

DBChotshot117's picture

You guys had me in stitches, keep up the good work!

dalton32389's picture

i dont plan on playing co-op so it's good to see it from start to (hopefully) finish.

VonMelee's picture

So, how are you holding up, because I'm A POTATO.

Hoboman1111's picture

I just played Portal and am buying Portal 2 because of this. eep up the great work!

Hoboman1111's picture

I just played Portal and am buying Portal 2 because of this. Keep up the great work!

nelson1tom's picture

This is so frusterating to watch.   Idk if its because youre drunk, but youre extremely slow at this game.  I found my self yelling at the screen and i havent even played this game yet.

Charlie Walker's picture

These are brilliant, me and my friend here in England were drinking along to your Crysis guide and this first session of Portal 2 whilst drinking Strongbow Cider. Thanks to these new Drink alongs a boring night turned into a drunken bliss.

brodyitis's picture

Drunken puzzle solving has to be one of the funniest things that I have seen in a long while. This kicks the shit out of a Giant Bomb Quick Look, and I love Giant Bomb. Keep up the good work.

theshizoid's picture

Really great "Drink Along" kinda inspired me to do the same thing with some friends and oldskool passing around the gamepad stuff.


I have a little techquestion for you guys. Is it just me or does the Videoplayer sometimes really screw up? The stream breaks up a lot - I'm using Firefox 4 and the newest Chrome for the interwebz.

Keep up the good stuff!

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Dr. Zoidberg!!!

Sangyerians's picture

Man it's so frustrating watching these sober cos you work out some of the easier puzzles straight away and you're just sitting there willing them to work it out.

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Jan and Dawn

hilikus's picture

Part one wouldn't start until I opened my beer.

Sm000thKriminal's picture

What's the next drink along going to be?

zero898's picture

im gunna get this for sure. looks really fun :D

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