Complete Speedy Walkthrough - Portal 2

After beating the game twice in one day, I took on the challenge of making a walkthrough for how to beat the game in the easiest, fastest way possible. Now, I'm not trying to say it's a game to rush through, but believe me, some puzzles can take hours to solve. If you just want to move on, I have indexes on the pages to help you find the right part of the game. Also, unlike my other guides, I have already beaten this game twice upon the start of it's recording; thus, I have made it much easier to follow as you get the strategies you need.

This guide contains no audio commentary for one very good reason: the dialogue. Valve has done a great job of making likeable characters that keep you entertained throughout the whole game. It only left me with a few moments of silence, and in the end, wasn't worth it.

Anyway, if this has helped you, please do rate up. I also encourage those who are new to sign up and contribute as well.

That about wraps it up. Enjoy!

-RJ a.k.a. RvBFreak

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