Co-op with MarioDragon & GenaralSkar - Portal 2

With so many Portal 2 videos up so quickly, I wonder if this will even be viewed much? Still, visit my website! SpaceTopGames

This is a co-op playthrough of Portal 2, with MarioDragon (me) and my brother GenaralSkar (yes, it's spelled genaral).

Chamber 5 is in 1080p, the rest are in 720p, although I don't think the videos look as good as they should. I'm still messing around with 1080p render settings, hopefully later 1080p videos look better.

I also hope you can hear me well enough, I know you can hear Skar good. For some reason Fraps does not like picking up your own microphone...

Chamber 1

Chamber 2

Chamber 3

Chamber 4

Chamber 5

Chamber 6 - Art Appreciation (Blind Playthrough)

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