Chapter 8 - The Itch - Portal 2

Test Chamber 1

(Achievements: You Made Your Point, Smash TV Pt 1)

Test Chambers 2-3

(Achievements: Smash TV Pt 2)

Test Chambers 4-5

(Achievements: Smash TV Pt 3)

Test Chambers 6-11

(Achievements: Smash TV Pt 4)

Test Chambers 12-15

(Achievements: Smash TV Pt 5)

Test Chamber 16

(Achievements: Smash TV Pt 6)

Veemon3449's picture

You better watch out

I think she's a guy

Not quite sure

but something ain't right

Hillary Clinton is coming to town


First Comment! WOOHOO!

MYWuCHA's picture

GODDAMN I SERIOUSLY HATE THIS PLAYER. Never loads...can't soon as I see something I need info on I fucking pause it and try to go back a couple seconds and the video is stuck in an infinite loading screen. 

ihacks4snax's picture

@ MYWuCHA have to agree with you. just tried to load video an istead get a list of random ass videos

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