Chapter 2 - The Cold Boot - Portal 2

Chapter 2 - Test Chambers 1-4

Chapter 2 - Test Chambers 5-6

(Achievements: Drop Box, Pturretdactyl, Final Transmission)

Chapter 2 - Test Chambers 7-8

(Achievements: Preservation of Mass)

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Bioshock 2 is to Bioshock 1 as Fallout New Vegas is to Fallout 3.

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From what I've heard, the majority likes New Vegas much more than Fallout 3.

Does that mean Bioshock 2 is considerd better than Bioshock1?

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fallout 3> NV

Bioshock 2< 1 (i liked 2 more though)

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on drop box you dont need the trash because you have unlimited cubes so don't worry about getting it the first time

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