Coin Glitch - 2 Million Per Hour! Fish Chest Coins - Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 wiki

Fish Chest Coins glitch in PvZ GW2! Earn nearly 2 million coins per hour doing this glitch! You are going to need a friend who has NOT completed the sidequest where you find all 10 secret fish

Join a friends game, who will be the host, who has not found all 10 secret fishies yet
Help your friend get all 10 in order, then have the host open the reward chest
The chest will give everybody in the game, up to 4 people, 530 coins
Now the host cannot open the chest a second time, but EVERYBODY else that is a guest in the game can open the chest as many times as they would like. Get a party of 4 people, and take turns opening the chest for hours on end

10 Secret Fish Clues & Locations

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