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Casts an aura that adds fire damage to the attacks of you and your allies.

The character swings their weapon (or both weapons if dual wielding) in an arc towards the target. Also does damage to other nearby monsters. Only works with Axes and Swords.

Decoy Totem:
Summons a totem that taunts nearby monsters to attack it.

Casts an aura that grants Armour to you and your allies.

Devouring Totem:
Summons a totem that can consume nearby corpses. If you are hurt, it will destroy a corpse to leech life to you.

Dominating Blow:
Attacks the enemy with a melee strike. If a non-unique enemy is killed shortly after being hit by Dominating Blow, that enemy is revived as a minion until the skill duration ends.

Enduring Cry:
Performs a war cry, adding endurance charges proportional to the number of surrounding enemies. Taunts all nearby enemies to attack the caster.

Flame Totem:
Summons a totem that fires a stream of flame at nearby enemies.

Glacial Hammer:
Hits the enemy, converting some of your physical damage to cold damage. If the enemy is frozen and is on less than one third life, they will shatter when hit by Glacial Hammer. Requires a Mace or Staff.

Ground Slam:
The character slams the ground in front of them with their main hand weapon, creating a wave that travels forward and damages enemies with an increased chance to stun. Only works with Staves or Maces.

Heavy Strike:
Attacks the enemy with a forceful blow, knocking them back. Requires a Mace, Axe, Sword or Two-Handed Weapon.

Immortal Call:
Discharges Endurance Charges, making the character invulnerable to physical damage for a short time, proportional to how many endurance charges were expended.

Infernal Blow:
Hits the enemy, converting some of your physical damage to fire damage. If the enemy dies soon after being hit, they will explode, dealing fire damage to nearby enemies. Requires a Sword, Axe, Mace, Staff or Unarmed.

Leap Slam:
Jump into the air, damaging enemies (and knocking back some) with your main hand where you land. Requires an axe, mace, sword or staff.

Lightning Strike:
Infuses your melee weapon with electrical energies as you swing. In addition to converting some of your physical damage to lightning damage, the stored energy is released from the weapon as projectiles as you strike, flying out behind your target to hit farther-away enemies. The projectiles cannot miss if the melee attack hit its target.

Molten Shell:
Summons fiery elemental shields providing additional Armour for a short duration. If cumulative physical damage prevented by your blocking or Armour reaches a threshold, the shields explode outwards, dealing fire damage to surrounding enemies.

Curses all targets in an area, causing them to suffer some of the physical damage they deal with their attacks.

Rejuvenation Totem:
Summons a totem that has an aura which regenerates life for you and your nearby allies.

Shield Charge:
Charges at an enemy, bashing it with the character's shield while striking with a melee weapon. This knocks it back and stuns it. Enemies in the way are pushed to the side. This attack cannot miss. Damage and stun are proportional to distance traveled.

Shockwave Totem:
Summons a totem that shakes the earth around it, knocking back and damaging nearby enemies.

Swings a staff or a two-handed axe or mace in a circle, knocking back some monsters around the character.

Casts an aura that grants life regeneration to you and your allies.

Warlord's Mark:
Curses all targets in an area. Attacks on the cursed targets will leech life and mana, and killing them will result in more flask charges and a chance to gain an endurance charge.

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