Barkenator's No Death's Guide - Out of this World




About This Guide

This game does not have levels or chapters in the traditional sense of a game. In fact, the actual game length is quite short when done correctly, but the difficulty of the game tends to make it long, and sometimes, more frustrating game play. The guide is thus short and does not have a voice over, but shows you how you should progress through the game to reach the end. There are no cut scenes or dialog and the "puzzles" tend to be along the lines of, "how do I get past this section or guard".

Game Play

There are not any instructions in game on how to play or what certain controls do. It is actually pretty intuitive, but I will provide a few notes on the main points. The basic controls involve walking left or right, jumping, and crouching. The controls are pressure sensitive and there is a concept of momentum and gravity in the game, so bear this in mind when making long jumps. For the most part, you need to know the jump and action button for your controller of choice. The action button does two things, performs an action like swimming, climbing, pushing a button, etc. or performs an attack.

At the start of the game, you can only do a kicking as your attack. Once you have a gun, you can use the gun to attack by using the action button. There are three modes the gun can do. The first is single press which shoots a laser shot in the direction Lester is facing. The second is to hold down the attack button until a small white orb shows at the tip of the gun. This is charging the weapon and when released, a thin energy shield will appear. This acts like a force field and will stop laser shots directed at you. Note that this can only take so many hits or last so long before it dissolves. The third use of the gun is the large blast, which you must hold down the attack button for even longer. The white orb will appear for the energy shield, but keep holding down and it will soon double in size. Let go of the action button and a large energy blast will occur. This can be used to instantly destroy an enemy's own energy shield or blast through certain types of walls or doors. Finally, note that the energy of the gun is not limitless. Using the super charged blast a lot will deplete the weapon and make it useless.

Opening and Arrival

This contains the opening sequence and Lester's arrival in the new world up until his capture.



This contains the section from Lester waking in the cage over the pit to breaking out and making it into the underground cavern.



This contains the section starting from the underground caves and getting into the guards station.


Lending a Hand

This section starts where Lester is above his friend (who is in the vent system), getting past the guards, and meeting back up with your friend.


All Hell Breaks Loose

This section starts with Lester and his pal having met up and still running from the guards on the roof tops to getting into the arena battle tank.


Grande Finale

This final section is from the the arena battle opening, escaping the tank, and finishing the game.


Blooper Reel

Since most of your time spent in this game involves dying, but the walkthrough does not show any of that, here is a death reel showing some of the fun ways Lester can die in the game.

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