What Happened to NextGenWalkthroughs?

WikiGameGuides.com is replacing NextGenWalkthroughs.com!

For those of you who don’t already know, we’ve been working hard to create WikiGameGuides.com, a new site that does everything NGW never could. It still needs a lot of work and we’re going to be adding new features, but WGG is at a point where it can officially replace NGW.

Most importantly, WikiGameGuides is the new home of all guides made by myself, ExplicitD and the 2 Chimps on a Davenport podcast. The only difference between the two sites is name and functionality. Dan and I will continue making guides for the newest games.

Video tour of WikiGameGuides


  • Anyone can add content at anytime(!!!)
  • Achievement Lists with community wiki guides
  • Comment on our videos
  • Better support for multiple guides for the same game (ex. Dead Space 2 has 5 guides posted)
  • Community blog that anybody can contribute to
  • Embed videos with only a YouTube link
  • Game deals


I hope that everybody who previously used NextGenWalkthroughs will continue to use WikiGameGuides and support us in our continued efforts!

And as always, we are always very open to suggestions and feedback

Jevrio's picture

I never used NGW much, but I sure love this site!

Great job guys!

pfro's picture

This site is cool and all, but you guys need more funny content. Podcast?

scase10's picture

hagan juegos de wii nuevos

Darth Vegnagun's picture

The only problem I have with WGG.com are that some of the guides that were on NGW.com, such as Barkenator's guide for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, are not on this website. Not a huge issue but it would be nice if all the guides from NGW.com were here on WGG.com. Love the new site guys and keep up the good work!

darksydephil's picture

Great site, but quite slow at moving around the site. But keep it up guys

barkenator's picture

Great job Dohn and Jan. :-)

You two have you really journeyed quite a long ways. WGG is probably so far from where you thought you'd be when you started NGW and your hard work has really paid off. Finacially maybe not, but true artist are rarely appreciated during their time. I remember when I first found NGW; I needed a little assistance with Gears of War, I stumbled upon your guide and my first thought was, "Jesus! That's brillant! Now I don't have to read those horribly written FAQ guides anymore. Wish I'd thought of that!".

Keep punishing your livers and here's to you!

Classic_M's picture

R.I.P NGW I knew you from 3 years back from your splinter cell guides and have been a fan ever since(sorry for any type O's...I'm drunk)

lil41801's picture
  • I can not get any of the video's on new super Mario Wii ! But overall the site look's nice :) I ♥ it
mattyice2's picture

I hate this new format.  What happened to all the walkthrough's???  Am I missing something???  I've been trying to find the video walkthrough for Mass Effect (the first one) and I just cannot find it anywhere.

What the Deal?????????????????????/

lil41801's picture

i agree Mattyice2

nightmare_onbroadstreet's picture

I'm a huge fan of the upgrade so far. I've supported NextGeWalkthroughs for a few years now, and when I've been absolutely desperate to get me through single player, you guys have come through every single time. I gotta say, I watch a ton of walkthroughs of games I don't even own; John and D, you guys are a riot. I watch a lot of your material for pure entertainment.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this site grow from what NextGenWalkthroughs had to offer, which was a great site as it was. Keep up the good work boys

Dadavinci's picture

If there's anything I'm really disappointed in with WGG is that only a small handful of videos are viewable on the PS3, On NGW I was able to just bring up the browser and look up a video on a game I'm stuck on, but the site's still great(:

jebus914's picture

The Halo 3 guide got me into nextgenwalkthroughs, and it has been a great resource for game help and awesome commentary.

Aaron128's picture

Loving the site it's amazing, I just have one problem, when I try and watch some of the walkthroughs, only the sound plays and the only way I can get the image to actauly play is if I keep moving my mouse cursor anyone have a Solution?

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